Monday, November 25, 2013

Old Book Becomes eReader Cover

eReader Cover 
Transform a discarded book into a new eReader cover!
I know what you're thinking.  Yes, I really do.  You're wondering how I could destroy a perfectly good book, aren't you?
Look, I love books.  I'm a librarian.  I spend my days caring for, and handling, books.
But the truth of the matter is that libraries need to discard and withdraw books periodically; we simply cannot keep everything.  Books are weeded, or withdrawn, for various reasons: some are damaged, some are out of date, and some just don't get checked out.

It's certain that people weed their own book collections as well.  A visit to any resale or thrift shop would support this idea, as they all seem to have rather large collections of used books.  
And this is why I'm OK with transforming them and giving them new purpose.
I purchased the books below from a "Friends of the Library" book sale at my local public library for less than a dollar apiece.  My donation went directly to the library to supplement their operating budget, and that makes me happy.

Below are some simple directions on how to make your own eReader cover from discarded books.

Gather together:
1 book - I find that the 9" x 6" x 3/4" book works well
scrap of cotton ducking fabric or medium weight twill
1 large, shank button
fabric covered rubber headband
adhesive Velcro circles
craft glue
hot glue
scissors or rotary cutter
craft cutting mat
crafting blade

Remove the book block (block of pages) from the front and back covers by carefully slicing through the end pages at the spine.  Be careful not to cut through the spine.

Set the block of pages aside to use for other craft projects.

Measure the open book cover.  Cut your fabric to size. 

The fabric should fit nicely inside the book cover.

Liberally apply craft glue to the front cover and spine.

Glue the fabric down.  I roll over the fabric with my small, hand-held, rolling pin to get rid of any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Apply glue as before to the back cover, but before gluing the fabric down, slide the ends of the rubber headband underneath.  (The headband was cut and shortened for my desired length.)  Set aside and allow it to dry completely.

While waiting for the fabric and cover to dry, attach 4 or 5 Velcro dots (soft, loop side) to the back of your eReader.  Velcro the hook sides to the loop sides you just attached to your eReader.

When the glue has dried completely on the book cover, set the eReader in place.  The hook sides of the Velcro dots will stick to the cover.

Both parts of the Velcro dots will now be aligned and the eReader can be detached.  

Determine where you want to place your large, shank button.

Put a liberal "blob" of hot glue and glue the button in place.


Hold the shank button in place until the hot glue dries.  The shank provides a place in which the rubber headband can slide under to keep the eReader cover closed.

For this slightly modified version of the repurposed book eReader cover, I opted to place the book pocket and date due slip inside as a nostalgic reminder of the book's former life.

Instead of a rubber headband closure, I opted to use a band of 1" elastic in a casing made from the fabric lining.  It slides off easily for eReader access.  A coordinating button was added for decoration.

So if you're already using a digital device for your pleasure reading, or if you're new to it, consider making a unique eReader cover from an old book.  
It might be just what you need to ease into the transition from paper and print to digital device! 

All photographs by Paulette Rodriguez.

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  1. A fantastic, clear and very concise procedure. Nice to see a very neat project, so many Youtube videos show a very messy finished product. I'm going to give this a go using elestic at the corners to hold my e-reader in the cover. Just have to search out the right sized book for my new Kobo Aura! Thank you.


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