Monday, April 8, 2013

Vintage Apron Inspiration

My love and appreciation of all things vintage continues to inspire me and actually reveals a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

So this upcoming summer my family is planning a huge family reunion and one of the events planned is an Aprons & Pearls Tea Party for the women.  The inspiration for this party came from the purchase of this adorable apron from a store in North Dakota.  At face value it is what it is... a simple hostess apron.  But to an old soul and lover of all things vintage, it conjures up...

visions of June Cleaver greeting Ward at the front door, collecting his hat and briefcase.  She presents her cheek.  He kisses it.  She gracefully leads him to the table and serves up a perfectly cooked dinner as Wally and the Beaver talk about their day.  All without breaking so much as a sweat, and all while wearing a tiny-waist dress, heels, an apron, and pearls!  
She is the picture of femininity.

Ah, June, you made it look so easy.

Last weekend I stopped in the fabric store and as I was thumbing through the pattern books I came upon this:


What a fabulous surprise!  I was delighted to find that many of the pattern makers are now reprinting vintage patterns.  
I was inspired!

I purchased a couple of the retro patterns, selected some fun fabric prints, and made a couple of aprons appropriate for any 50's homemaker.  June would be proud.


Because I enjoyed making the hostess aprons above, I decided to try making a canning-style apron.  I remembered a pattern I'd seen years ago that I'd always wanted to try.  It is no longer in print, but I was able to purchase it through an Etsy shop online.  It's not a vintage pattern though it is a classic wrap/canning style apron.

 So to give it the charming vintage feel I desired, I selected fabrics that I felt had a vintage/retro look.


Not an apron June would wear, but I know for sure Aunt Bee would! 

  What I set out to achieve was simply making a few pretty little aprons.
But along the way I also deepened my appreciation for any and all things handmade and discovered a new level of satisfaction in making and creating things for myself.

I may not look like June, and I sure as hell can't cook like Aunt Bee, but
  I feel and look the picture of feminine charm in my vintage inspired Aprons & Pearls!

All photos except "June Cleaver" and "Aunt Bea" taken by Paulette Rodriguez.
"June Cleaver" and "Aunt Bea" images from Google search, original owner/photographer unknown.

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